Review - Angry Birds Friends

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Daniel Testerman
Review - Angry Birds Friends

Review - Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds Friends

With the latest addition to the Angry Birds family of apps Rovio introduces a new way of playing. Instead of trying to beat your best score or get three stars the point of this new game is to beat your Facebook Friends.

When the app opens the user is presented with login prompts as Facebook is a requirement of this game. After the first authentication to Facebook the user during future launches of the game is not prompted for a login.

The app logins into Facebook and downloads the latest scores from Friends as the app opens and displays a launch screen to the user.

Launch Screen

When the user initially logs in the user is able to see all the games for the week and their current standing against their friends.

Main Screen

Game play is similar to other Angry Birds games...


If you want to challenge your friends to a game this game is a free game to play and worth checking out. My only complaint is the constant prompting to spend money on power-ups. I look forward to next weeks challenge...

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