Bowl Facts


Bowl Facts

Updated: 7/31/2013

Version - 1.2

Bowl Facts

The Big Game is coming up soon, don't be the only person at the party without the facts from past games. With Bowl Facts you can quickly be the talk of the party. Quickly scroll through over 250 facts, or use the Random button or shake to select a random fact. Impress your friends through the use of sharing facts over social media. With one press share a fact through Email, Twitter, and Text, and for those who have upgraded to iOS6 also share with Facebook, Weibo, and even copy the Facts. Search for fact and share the results by pressing down on the fact.

Test your knowledge with the new Bowl Facts Trivia Game. Over 75 questions spread across three categories:

Test your general knowledge of the big game.
How much do you know about where the game is played?
Each year a player is awarded MVP. Do you know who won the title of MVP?

Score 7 points (Touchdown) for the correct answer and loose 2 points for an incorrect answer!

Share your results of the trivia game with Twitter, Facebook, Text, Email, Weibo, and even copy results (iOS 6), and Twitter, Text, and Email (iOS 5).

New facts in research to be added soon including facts about the upcoming game.

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