Give Me a Word


Give Me a Word

Updated: 9/14/2016

Version - 1.08

Give Me a Word

A list starts with a Word, and with Give Me a Word you can start to remove the need for paper from your life. This application provides customization options to view the lists sorted in multiple ways. Share information using twitter, email, or text. Backup using Dropbox.

List Types:
- Items
- Work
- Home
- School

- Twitter
- Email (Individual item, or any list)
- Text

Click on More tab to choose from various views
Click on Edit to Drag view to tab bar
Change the views as needed

No longer need a list, quickly delete any list

Create Multiple Lists
Using the List # of Main, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 to create up to six unique list and view them combined or separate

Timeline - Give Me a Word!

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