Updated: 10/16/2016

Version - 1.2.32


A new way to keep track of Books, Movies, and Music without the need for pencil and paper. The RecordLists app combines three lists to provide a suite of recording tools for books, movies, and music. The app has a filtered view for viewing the favorites from each list directly from the tab menu with one click. 

- Backup Using Dropbox 

- Option to send individual book entry 
- Option to send individual movie entry 
- Option to send individual music entry 
- Body of email contains Title, and Author, Artist, or Actor 
- Option on administrative tab to send favorites or complete list 
- Email is sent using international CSV file format with an extension unique to the App and compatible with other apps for Books, Music, and Movies (RecordBooks, RecordMusic, and RecordMovies). Enjoy sharing your book lists with other users of RecordBooks and RecordLists. Enjoy sharing your movie lists with other users of RecordMovies and RecordLists. Enjoy sharing your music lists with other users of RecordMusic and RecordLists. 

- Tweet out book, movie, or music information - Share with others with a single click 

SMS (Text Message) 
- Send a text message about a book, movie, or music on your list 

Integration with Calendar 
- Start Remembering when a new book, song, or movie will be available through setting a Calendar Event Reminder using RecordLists. 
- By selecting a date you can now add a reminder with one extra step of switching Calendar Event to On, all the information from the entry is transferred to a Calendar Event and a Reminder is set for that Event.

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