RecordOrders - Ideas for Future Versions

Ideas for Future Version

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* Ability to manage customer details separate from orders - record customer details and re-enter when new orders placed by customer and also a page for customer details entering and editing.

* Additional sorting options - Paid / Not Paid, Delivered / Not Delivered, or other Order, Organize orders into folders or pages or some other method, Sort in Alphabetical order by first or last name

- Additional Options to Search for an Order

* Payment options

- Add the ability to add partial payment / payment due

* Add Sync to iCloud so Same Data shows on iPhone / iPad - In Progress of being added to future version. Already completed for Currency Table

* Add additional Backup Options - A3,

* Update amount of possible items to 200+ from the current 100

* Add new field for Description for Items

* Add new notes field customizable by order for each Item

* Add option to Customize seller field (Seller / Sales Person / Driver / or some other name to be used for this purpose)

* Update summary to show totals and below by seller.

* Add discount option by order

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for additional features to add to this or a future version by sending an email to