Updated: 10/16/2016

Version - 1.4.09


Remove the need to carry tons of papers when you are traveling. With RecordTrip you can record the details of your trip by day. Record the hotel, flight, dinner reservations, and other information all in one convenient application. Add your packing list to the items tab for tracking all your information about your trip in one location. Ditch the need of using a pencil and paper when taking a trip. Using this app puts the details of your trip in the palm of your hand.

Multiple Trip and Packing Lists
Record up to 6 lists with separate (Food, Transportation, and Lodging) list and Packing Lists

You choose what views you want to see within the app. Click on More to see a variety of views available from Sorting (As Entered, By Name, By Location), a Date View, and a Combined Trip view. Change the app tabs around as needed. Send an email if you would like an additional view added in a future version of the app to

- Backup Using Dropbox

@ Share Information (Email, Text, Tweet) @

- Option to send individual trip detail
- Option on administrative tab to send any of the 35 list combination details via email
- Email body includes name and location
- Email is sent with two attachments with the first using international CSV file format with an extension unique to the App. Enjoy sharing your trip details with family, friends, and others. The second attachment is in CSV format for those who do not have an iPhone, iPod, or iPad or want to load the information into a spreadsheet. Keep everyone updated on the details of the trip without the need to make a phone call.

SMS (Text Message)
- Send a text message with the name, location, and comments about your trip details.

- Tweet out details - Share with others with a single click

Integration with Calendar
- Forget when you scheduled a reservation? With RecordTrip not only can you keep all your information about your trip in one place, you can now add Calendar Event Reminders by selecting the date and turning on a reminder. Remove the burden of remembering information, and enjoy your trip!

- Done with a list? Remove it with ease with the option to delete any of the 35 list combinations.

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