Updated 8/1/2013

Version - 1.3.2


A new way to keep track of wine without the need for pencil and paper. This app optimizes recording wine lists by providing the fields needed to quickly track wine bottles or glasses of wine The wine list are sortable by Name, and Winery with one click from the tab menu. The wine list is also filtered by Favorites from the tab menu. One consistent form is used from all the menus to make entering and viewing wine easy.

Optimized Data Entry
- Optimized data entry screen to use more of the screen on the larger iPhone and iPod screens and optimized screen entry for the smaller screens.

Multiple Wine Lists
- Ability to manage six wine lists directly from one unique entry screen. Quickly move an entry from the list by choosing another list and press save. A good example for this is managing your wine list that you own and a wine list that you want to purchase in one app. See all the lists on the main tab or by each list on the Name and Winery tabs. Multiple ways to easily see your wine lists without unnecessary screens.

- Backup using Dropbox

- Option to send individual wine entry
- Option on administrative tab to send favorites or complete list
- Name and Winery included in email body of message
- Email is sent using international CSV file format with an extension unique to the App. Enjoy sharing your music lists with other users of RecordWine.

- Tweet out information - Share a good wine with others

SMS (Text Message)
- Send a text message about a wine on your list

Integration with Calendar
- New wine purchased or to be used in a week, month, year? Don't try and remember a date.
- With RecordWine set a reminder to your calendar with one click to remember an important date.
- Need more than one reminder setup, select a date and when you Save the reminder is added as a Calendar Event, simply select a new date a click save to add an additional reminder.

Localization Support
English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Timeline - RecordWine

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