Score and Avoid Pro Timeline

Score and Avoid Pro

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Bug Fix for non-retina devices

v1.7 Current Version - Available 6/7/2014
Updated Multiplayer to be powered by Skillz

- Multiplayer competitions powered by Skillz (
- Compete for fun
- Weekly leaderboard

v1.6 Available 4/15/2014
Improved Graphics
Added Random Placement of Goals (Some maybe a few taps while others don't appear until the previous ones go off the screen)
Added Hockey as a choice.
We read all reviews and feedback. Please send feedback to

v1.5 Available - 4/3/2014
Added Push Notification to enhance Multiplayer gaming!

v1.4 Available - 3/30/2014
Fixed issues and improved Multiplayer
* Enabled Facebook Single Sign-On
* Fixed issue where connecting to Facebook Crashed App
* Fixed issue with White Screen when starting Multiplayer
* Fixed issue causing Lag in Game Play
Improved Graphics
* Fixed issue where non-retna graphics displayed for iPads with Retna displays
Added message prior to asking for iTunes account for In-App purchase asking user if they want to Purchase 3 additional balls.

v1.3 Available - 3/20/2014
Added Multiplayer game play through Nextpeer
Added Localizations: Arabic, Australian English, Canadian English, Canadian French, Catalan, Chinese-Simplified, Chinese-Traditional, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Mexican Spanish, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese
Localized Application Name
Replaced depreciated framework with CoreMotion Framework to remove lag in game play and end of game.

v1.2 Combined with v1.3
Removed Email, Facebook, and Twitter buttons (Replaced with a Share button)
Updated text when sharing to include Best Score and new wording.
Added New Sports with a press of a button choose between ((Soccer with Clear or White Ball), Baseball, Basketball, and Football)
Added Settings - Under Settings (Select Sport, Parental Controls (Turn On/Off In-App Purchases, Turn On/Off Sharing Results, Turn On/Off
Rating App, Turn On/Off Game Center, Turn On/Off More Apps), Turn On/Off Sound)
Complete Redesign of Buttons (Removed Words and Replaced with Pictures)
Added Localizations: Brazilian Portuguese, British English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese

v1.1 Available - 3/4/2014 - Bug Fix for Going above the Screen & Leaderboard fix & Replaced Goals with Cones

v1.0 Initial Release: 2/18/2014